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CSS Now Has Tracking Scholarships!

K9 Slim Scent Specific Trailing Scholarship

K9 Slim was a dual-purpose patrol dog handled by City of Madison Police Officer Carren Corcoran Gummin from 2010-2020. K9 Slim excelled at scent specific trailing in large part due to his initial training in the Kocher Method and Carren even attempting “the difficult tracks” asked of them. K9 Slim passed away on December 27, 2022 at 14 years of age. He had a profound effect on all that worked with him. K9 Slim opened minds and demonstrated the limitlessness of a well-trained dog and a handler who would work outside the box when needed.


This scholarship will provide a Dual Purpose Patrol Dog Team free attendance (valued at $400) at a Basic Scent Specific Tracking Class instructed by Canine Search Solutions in the year 2023.


K9 Mila Scent Specific Trailing Scholarship

K9 Mila was a single purpose tracking dog handled by Matt Kinneberg a Specialized Deputy for the Richland County Sheriff Department Wahpeton, North Dakota. She worked from 2013 to 2022. Matt and Mila were introduced to the Kocher Method by Carren Corcoran Gummin in 2015 and soon realized this was the “real deal”. K9 Mila became the ambassador for the Kocher Method in the region. In the words of Mila’s Handler. “There was never a bad day when she was out in front of you on a track”. K9 Mila passed away on October 24, 2022 at the age of 9 ½. 


This scholarship will provide a Single Purpose Law Enforcement Dog Team free attendance (valued at $400) at a Basic Scent Specific Tracking Class instructed by Canine Search Solutions in the year 2023. 

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"What to feed or not to feed"

Article by Lori Folwer, Presdient, ARF German Shepherd Rescue, INC.

Click HERE to read article.

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September, 2014

Madison police Officer Carren Corcoran walks with Teri Clyse and her dog, Finn, near Nakoosa Trail. Clyse and Finn, who is trained to find human remains, helped other K9 units, mounted police and others to search for Nejay Redd, who went missing in September. Redd's body was found in Starkweather Creek. 


Wisconsin Law Enforcement Canine Handler Association awarded Carren and Slim Meritorious Track of the year. Lafayette County Sheriff Deputy Fred Norder and K9 Cody and Green County Sheriff Deputy Cody Kanable and K9 Ike were also awarded for their joint effort to track the actions of a homicide suspect.


July, 2012

Carren and Slim received the 2012 Wisconsin Law Enforcement Canine Handler Assocation Meritouis Track Award. This Madison police dog tracked an alleged killer for 3 hours across almost 4 Miles according to the Wisconsin State Journal, July 5, 2012. . 


October, 2011

Carren was honored by Wisconsin Law Enforcement Canine Handler Association in October of 2011 when she received the Canine Handler of the Year award for her accomplishments with both her patrol dog K9 Slim and her HRD dog K9 Bitty.

bitty kneal.JPG

April, 2013

Carren, Bitty and a sonar hobbyist were instrumental in locating the body of Charles Geurt in Lake Monona. Bitty first located an area on Lake Monona. Then Rick Krueger used his sonar equipment with GPS coordinates provided by police to locate the body. 

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