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Susan Vieth

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K9 Bosco


K9 Biba


Susan Vieth has been involved with K9 search and rescue since 2002. Susan started her K9 work with her FEMA partner ChicoDog, in the Urban Search and Rescue community under Missouri Task Force One. Since 2008 her focus has moved to Human Remains detection.

Her first cadaver dog Nook-N-Cranny served several years before succumbing to cancer. Biba was her second cadaver K9, now retired. And her third cadaver K9 Tulsa passed unexpectedly this past year. Currently Susan works a cadaver K9 “Bosco”, who was adopted from a local shelter. She lives in Madison County, Illinois.


Current K9 Partner:


K9 Bosco is a male Pitbull American Bulldog mix, whelped approximately in April 2021. Bosco was adopted from Gateway Pet Guardians in East St Louis IL. He was a very high energy, ball crazy K9 who needed a working home. Susan and Bosco certified in Human Remains Detection in record time, and he continues to show great focus and dedication in his job.


Previous K9 Partners:


K9 Chyba Radissky Dvor (A.K.A. "Biba") is a Female Belgian Malinois, whelped on January 25th, 2009. Susan and Biba have certified with six national organizations, participated in over 90 land and/or water searches, in 8 states and Canada. Biba, who is now retired, was the Ole standby kind of dog, who enjoyed working detailed areas with methodical calmness.


K9 Tulsa was a male Belgian Malinois, whelped on August 31, 2014 and passed away unexpectedly in 2022. Susan and Tulsa certified with four national organizations and participated in over 20 land and water searches. Tulsa was an honest, fast moving, wide ranging, all business kind-of-dog, who was totally focused on his job. 

K9 Tulsa

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