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Center for Forensic Training and Education

The CFTE provides information on Protocols on K9 Decontamination after working with hazardous materials. 





Side Scan Sonar in Drowning Victim Searches - provides detailed information that can assist in a challenging water recovery case.


Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Missing and Exploited Children & Adults - A valuable resource to consider for consult.


(Email link:) Leslie E. Eisenberg, Ph.D., Diplomat, American Board of Forensic Anthropology, is available for consult via email.


City of Madison Police Department K9 Unit


Emergency Support Services - ESS provides volunteer services and assistance to Federal, State, County, and local agencies that need assistance in search and rescue operations and logistics.


St. Clair Special Emergency Services


Brookings County K9 Search and Rescue - South Dakota

Carren and K9 Moxi, working a problem.  

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