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Eric Peterson


K9 Ninja

Eric Peterson has been a State Trooper with the South Dakota Highway Patrol since 2016 and Police Service Dog (PSD) handler with the SDHP as of March 2021. Eric is a NASAR SAR TECH II, BCK9SAR Instructor, and AFRCC SMC Graduate.  He holds memberships thru NNDDA and NAPWDA and is currently an NNDDA Human Remains Detection Evaluator.


K9 Ninja is Eric's purebred Dutch Shepherd and current working dog. AKC CGC and HRD certified through NNDDA 2018, 2019, 2020 and NAPWDA 2017, 2016. Ninja has a great working lineage and is an amazing working dog.


Eric's working career with dogs started in 2007 when he adopted K9 Eve from Pit Rescue of the Great Plains. Their early working experiences together consisted of obedience and agility training but the desire for more training steered them to Search and Rescue. They joined Brookings County K9 SAR in 2008. K9 Eve, American Pit Bull Terrier, AKC CGC, Basic Mantrailing NASDN '09, '11 and NAPWDA Tracking and Trailing '11. Eve certified in HRD with NAPWDA '13 and '14. Eve passed away on Feb 19, 2020.


K9 Emmet, Boxer, AKC CGC, and certified for Area Search with NASDN '11 and NAPWDA '11, '12, '13 and '14. K9 Emmett passed away from cancer in the spring of 2015.His sweet face and love for people will be missed.


K9 Eve


K9 Emmet

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