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Letter from Carren_____________________________________

slim cc track.JPG

Carren and K9 Slim starting a track

Check out the Upcoming Events page for information about upcoming tracking classes and available scholarships!

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for answers to why your tracking on the street does not seem to have results or you just had a track and thought your dog was out “for a walk”. You may have also been told that your patrol dog cannot track on hard surface, cannot scent discriminate, and cannot do an aged track.  It’s the propaganda your trainer probably was told and never questioned. Welcome!

If the above is true, it means I hallucinated 10 years of my life working as a full-time patrol dog handler. Patrol dogs were selected due to their incredible drives and want to work. They are a gold mine just sitting in the back of your squad car and wasting away their incredible capabilities- to follow the bad guy or missing person. Tracking or trailing (following a specific odor) is the most natural skill your K9 partner does.

We train patrol dog teams for the real world and base it on our real-world experiences. We assist you in training your K9 partner and coach you as the “manager” of the team.  Try out my philosophy -if they told me, you have a “SLIM” chance of doing the track, I will do it every time!

Consider attending our basic course. All you will need to bring is a harness or marker, a long line, a mutt, and a good attitude.!!!

Looking forward to training with you

Carren Corcoran Gummin

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