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CSS Tracking Teams

Dan Moldenhauer and K9 Radar

Alyssa Palmer and K9 Gary

Shaylyn Louis and K9 Lucy (Lucifer)


Tracking dogs basically follow the subject's footsteps with its nose down near the ground.  The handler is given information on the subject's "place last seen", description of the subject and a scent article (such as a pillowcase) belonging to the subject. The handler places a harness on the dog and connects a long line (15-30 feet) to the harness.  The handler then "starts" the dog by letting him sniff the scent article and giving him the command to search or follow the footsteps. The handler follows behind the dog, holding the line. The line assists the canine team, consisting of dog and handler, in communicating with each other while working the track.

Tracking or trailing is one of the hardest disciplines to learn with your dog.  Contact Carren at  for more information about upcoming tracking classes or if you would like to set up a tracking class for your team. 

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