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Dennis Schenk

Contact Info

(H) 715-592-6493

(C) 708-721-7715


K9 Gus aka "Gusto"


K9 Beck


Dennis Schenk has been involved with Search and Rescue since 1996. He started his SAR work with SASHA his first SAR German Shepherd Dog. He joined Illinois Wisconsin Search Dogs at that time. Sasha was a dual purpose trailing and Human Remains Detection dog and certified in both disciplines. She gave him her all and said her final fair well to him at fifteen and a half years old. She  was his girl and mentored him in his SAR foundations.


Dennis remains a member of Illinois Wisconsin Search Dogs today. He is also an original member of CSAR, Canine Search and Recovery, an International Search Dog Organization. He has served on their Board for well over twelve years and has been a six year past President with the organization.  He has instructed HRD classes for twelve years. 


BECK was his second German Shepherd working partner. He was a dual purpose dog as well. He served Dennis well with twelve working years of service and passed at thirteen and half years old. He was certified with L.E.T.S., Law Enforcement Training Specialist International Inc., in land and water HRD.


GUS, "GUSTO ", is his third and present GSD partner. He is ten years old but has the intensity, energy and work ethic of a three year old. He was a past  dual purpose dog certifying with NAPWDA, North American Police Work Dog Association, in trailing and HRD and L.E.T.S. land and water HRD Today his sole purpose is land HRD and is still nationally certified with L.E.T.S.


Dennis currently resides in Central Wisconsin, Rosholt, which is just outside of Stevens Point.

K9 Sasha

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