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Nichole Mosta

Contact Information:


Phone: 224-622-3394

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K9 Mr Gibbs


K9 Nuggie


Nicole Mosta is a federal background investigator with the DOD/Defense Counterintelligence Security Agency (DCSA). She is a volunteer member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 9WR-41-04 and the Wisconsin Wing Civil Air Patrol.


Nicole has instructed human remains detection at several seminars and is a certified judge with Midwest Canine Alternatives (MCA). Nicole has trained dogs in one form or another all her life. She has been an Independent Canine Handler since 2004. At first Nicole trained dogs for trailing, evidence and cadaver search and in 2006 adopted a German Shepherd mix (Sarge). Sarge became her first certified evidence and cadaver search canine. Sarge taught many handlers how to visualize an odor plume when sniffing for human remains. He was slow and methodical. Sarge passed away in December 2013. DHS PSID: 1020-3910.


Nicole's second dog Nuggie is trained in human remains recovery. She is a 58 pound Malinois, dark fawn sable running machine. She is the fastest thing on four legs, always ready to work, even when everyone else knows she needs a break. She's an amazing partner and can usually be found right next to Nicole. There isn't much she can't do and she likes it that way. If she thinks no one is looking she likes to cuddle with her owner. Nuggie was imported from the Czech Republic, born 10/12 and arrived in the United States with her own canine passport at about six months old. She is certified human remains recovery with NNDDA. DHS PSID: 4160-8213.


Nicole's third dog Mr Gibbs is trained in human remain recovery. He is a fawn with a black mask Malinois and 80 pounds. He is very social with incredible drive. He comes from great bloodlines as his father is the well-known Kaiden van tvinzenhof. He is eager to please and extremely nimble and light on his feet. After a hard days work he can be seen enthusiastically hugging his owner. Mr Gibbs (Xarr) was imported from the Czech Republic, born 07/16 and arrived in the United States with his own canine passport at about eight weeks old. He is certified human remains recovery with NNDDA. DHS PSID: 6026-3739.


Nicole has received certifications from: North American Police Working Dog Association (NAPWDA); North American Search Dog Network (NASDN) where she also assisted with cadaver instruction; National Network of Canine Detection Services (NNCDS) and National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDDA).Nicole has trained on occasion with Carren Corcoran since 2008 and feels appreciative and humbled to be part of the Canine Search Solutions Team.

K9 Sarge

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