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K9 Molly aka Bitty

The mission of Canine Search Solutions is to provide Law Enforcement with highly skilled and professional dog teams for use in:

Human Remains Detection - for the purpose of investigating missing persons and homicide cases.

Scent Specific Trailing - assist in locating a missing person or provide information on direction of travel, locate evidence or witnesses. 

The 2023 Canine Search Solutions Newsletter is out! Click here to see it! 

Carren Corcoran Gummin is the founder and owner of Canine Search Solutions LLC. Carren is a retired Madison Police Officer with 30 years of Law Enforcement experience including 10 years as a full-time Patrol K9 Handler. Read more about Carren by clicking here

Congratulations to the following teams that recently passed NNDDA Cadaver testing: 
   Carren Gummin and K9 Tilt
   Eric Peterson and K9 Ninja and K9 Jada
   Sandy Vernlund and K9 Trouble
   Allyssa Palmer and K9 Oso

Watch the Upcoming Events page for information on 2024 Scholarships and upcoming Tracking Classes with Carren!

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